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Welcome to the 19th Hole and Search 4 Scratch Program

The 19th Hole and Search 4 Scratch members are an exclusive group of like-minded, passionate golfers who are inspired by all things golf, golf improvement and travel. 


Before you read on I would recommend you save this page to a safe place on your computer and to your Favourites in your computer’s browser for future access.

OK all sorted?..

To access your 19th Hole Subscription go to: and click on “Sign in” link on the top right corner.

You will need to enter your Email Address with which you purchased the subscription and click Sign In to receive an email with an authentication link that logs you in to watch the videos on the 19th Hole Channel.

To access your Search 4 Scratch Program go to:

and register a Username and Password which will then give you access to the Search 4 Scratch Program.

Once your membership is approved you will be able to access the program at by entering your username and password that you register with.

Remember to store your Username and Password somewhere you can access it at all times!

To get the best out of your Search 4 Scratch Program, I want you to follow all of the steps in the program as best as you can, in the order they are provided.

Some of the steps are to give you a regular snapshot of where you are at with all aspects of your golf and others are the tools, tips, drills and techniques to help you improve.

Some of the steps are available at all times and others will automatically become available once you have completed the steps prior.

You will have access to an Online Training Program and / or a Printable Training Program – you can work between both or you can use one or the other.

Your Search 4 Scratch Program online membership lasts for 6 months from the time of your initial registration and you will be notified when this time period is about to expire.

At the end of your 6 month period your records will be stored in our system (and / or you will be able to print them out for your reference) but to access the results after the 6 month period you will need to re-join the Search 4 Scratch Program.

We will contact you regularly via email so make sure you add and as safe senders in your email address book.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason send an email to and we’ll respond asap.


Andrew McCombe

CEO and Creator

The 19th Hole and Search 4 Scratch