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A Brief History of The 19th Hole

By April 20, 2018April 22nd, 2018Uncategorized

The following is a brief history of The 19th Hole and how it has evolved to be one of the world's premiere golf channels and clubs for like minded, passionate golfers from all corners of the globe. 

But before I share this history I wanted to introduce myself to you a bit more – with the intention that you know I'm a real person with a real background – just like you. 

The picture above is of my family and I playing golf at my local golf club - looking at the picture it amazes me that only a few years ago I didn't even play golf, in fact, I was actually a professional beach volleyball player and as my career had drawn to a close I was looking for a sport that I could play that did not involve relying on other people.

Very soon I stumbled upon golf and was bitten by the addiction that is so common with this great game.

I became so addicted to golf that it wasn't long before I asked myself "How can I get paid to play golf?"

I didn't want to be a professional, I didn't want to work in a pro shop or club - all I wanted to do was travel the world playing golf - so I started a television show called Golf Getaway and within 6 months it was picked up by a tv network.

Up until now I have filmed over 65 episodes of Golf Getaway - which has allowed me to travel the world playing golf with inspiring people, in inspiring places and sharing their stories with other passionate golfing tourists. Visit

Watch an episode of Golf Getaway at Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand below...


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I have a Bachelor of Physical Education and my career background has always been in personal and professional development so when standing on the 5th tee of the amazing Hamilton Island Golf Club with President's Cup winner Craig "Popeye" Parry (as we discussed the best way for amateurs to practice for golf) it was inevitable that Golf University was about to be conceived.

Watch the interview with Presidents Cup Winner - Craig "Popeye" Parry below...


Golf University is now one of the world's premiere golf improvement programs and provides world class technical and drill based golf coaching programs, delivered by some of the world’s best players, coaches and experts online and in person at our workshops and golf schools, which you'll have access to as part of your 19th Hole Membership. For more information visit 

As part of my passion for helping others improve themselves personally and professionally I've always had a fascination with the power of the mind - so in August 2016 I decided to create the Search 4 Scratch Documentary to highlight the power of the mental and emotional aspects of a golfer and how much these aspects can effect their golf game. Visit

Watch the Search 4 Scratch Documentary Trailer below...


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The Search 4 Scratch Documentary follows 6 golfers from all walks of life, from varying nationalities and of all playing abilities as they embark on a journey to answer the age old question that all golfers who’ve ever dared to dream have asked:

“How Good a Golfer Could I Be if I Had the Best Technical and Course Management Coaching, an Effective Practice Plan & a Champion Mindset?”

Search 4 Scratch follows the journey of these 6 amateur golfers as they attempt to discover how low their handicaps can go over a 3 month period.

They are treated like professional athletes with the support of the world’s best coaches, a sport psychologist, a hypnotist and celebrity mentors as they attend a 5 day Short Game School, a 3 day Long Game School and a 2 day Competition focused School...

All culminating in a final golf tournament with the winner becoming a mentor at Golf University.

They’ll face a myriad of Environmental, Physical, Mental and Emotional challenges on their quest to find out just how good they can be…

To find out how low they can go…

The search is very unique to each golfer and totally different to what they originally thought it would be and one thing’s for sure…

They’ll all become better golfers and better people because of this journey.

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As I traveled the world playing amazing golf courses, in amazing places, with amazing people it became very evident to me that there was no central location (channel or clubhouse) for Passionate and Inspiring Golfers to share their passion for golf.

So it was from here that The 19th Hole was born and it is my team and I's purpose and passion to ensure that The 19th Hole becomes the premiere global golf channel and club for like-minded, passionate and inspiring golfers to be able to Watch, Travel, Learn, Meet and Share Inspiration as golfers and as people.

And because you are a member of The 19th Hole I will do my best to ensure this purpose and passion is available to you and every other member - so I encourage you to ask as many questions, make as many suggestions and participate in the club as much or as little as you like.

You can share your golfing adventures when you join The 19th Hole Members Only Facebook Group at

And hopefully we will meet in person on a great golf course very soon.


Andrew McCombe



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